Ferrari F360 & F430

F430 Box

The Ferrari F430 is an amazing Italian exotic supercar, but we have found that the factory audio system needed some help to bring it to the same stature as the vehicle it resides in. At Xtreme Audio, it was our goal to create a bass upgrade that produces the utmost highest sound quality with a sleek and un-intrusive appearance. We also set out to create something that is very easy to install and does not alter the factory interior in any way.

About the Enclosure :

The enclosure was developed to match the factory Ferrari interior as closely as possible. Careful attention was paid to the colour of the leather, colour and type of seat stitching, look and mesh type of factory door speaker grills, and even the angle of the seats in relation to the slope of the enclosure. We created an enclosure that is a nearly perfect match to the interior features of the Ferrari F430. The unique design of our enclosure also makes installation very easy as the enclosure is snugly secured in place because of its shape and discrete steel mounting bracket. The steel mounting bracket secures the enclosure to the firewall using an existing bolt hole. No drilling or significant vehicle disassembly is required to install this bass upgrade.

The Xtreme Audio Ferrari F430 enclosure is constructed with Organic MDF with a curved face construction. The unique construction prevents turbulent airflow which can reduce sound quality and output. The enclosure is also made with a recessed front bevel allowing the sub to be inset for a clean look. The grill is a ultra tight black power coated aluminium mesh that very closely resembles the factory door speaker grills. The enclosure is finished with high density padding so it is soft to the touch and semi-synthetic tanned leather for superior durability.