R35 GTR JL Audio Plug and Play (2009-14)


Looking to upgrade the bass in your 2009-2014 R35 GT-R from the factory Bose system? The JL Audio 8w3 Bass upgrade is the high fidelity system that delivers beautiful sound with remarkable clarity. The JL 8w3 subwoofers produce a very balanced sound with very precise note transitioning. Characterized by a hand-sanded curved subwoofer enclosure, matte JL proprietory cones, and the signature JL medallion, this system looks as great as it sounds. 

This item is for the full turnkey subwoofer upgrade and includes everything you need for the install. The install time takes approximately two hours depending on your install ability. This is a plug and play style install. All bolts match up to factory bolt locations, no wire cutting is required, no holes need to be drilled, and the front seats do not need to be removed. Tools required for the install are a flat screwdriver, 10mm socket driver, 14mm socket driver, 4mm Allen key. This kit includes:

  • Xtreme Audio twin 8″ sealed curved subwoofer enclosure
  • 2 JL Audio 8w3 V3-4 subwoofer
  • JL Audio MX500 amplifier
  • LOC90 line converter with gain control
  • Amplifier rack
  • Pre-built plug and play wiring harness
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and hardware

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  • 500 RMS watts (continuous power handling)
  • 2 ohm load
  • Gold plated speaker terminals
  • 10 gauge pure copper speaker wire

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 cm