R35 GTR Twin Utopia Box


This item is for the custom Utopia Slope enclosure with Focal Utopia Be21 WX subwoofers. The Focal Utopia subwoofers produce ultra accurate, deep, and a very punchy sound. The Focal Be21 represent the pinnacle of quality from Focal who has been a long standing icon in the audio industry. Manufacturing their own drivers, Focal retains the very best of technology for their own equipment. This flagship subwoofer is among the best 8″ subwoofers ever made. The Focal Be21 WX produces ultra accurate and deep bass. Although this system does perform very well, it is important to note that this is a sound quality subwoofer. Note: You will need a power supply such as the Xtreme Audio Plug and Play, or an amplifier and processor that you supply on your own. This enclosure will fit in all GTR model years. This system is a special order request item only.

Housing the Be21 subwoofers is the specially produced, Utopia slope box. Although the Utopia box is similar looking to the Gen5 twin 8 enclosure, it is in fact very different and takes about double the time to produce. The enclosure is built from a 5/8″ MDF skeleton for structural rigidity and sound quality. An internal skeleton design allows for greater internal volume to be achieved while maintaining strength and reducing weight. In this design, the subwoofers are not recessed into the box, but instead raised rings are added to build and contour the enclosure around the subwoofers. Each section of the skeleton is rounded off and there are no sharp corners anywhere on the inside of the box. The outside of the box is meticulously hand sanded to result in a beautiful shape. The Utopia box is 5lb lighter than the Gen5 twin box, is stronger, and has more internal volume with less air turbulence. The enclosure is finished with gold hardware, gold terminals, and a 1/4″ layer of high density foam with upholstery that is nearly identical to the factory GTR interior. A rear centre console cover and rear deck cover is included to carry the OEM stitching from the front arm rest, through the rear console, and onto the subwoofer enclosure.

This kit includes:

  • Xtreme Audio twin 8″ sealed curved subwoofer enclosure
  • 2 Focal Utopia Be21 WX subwoofers
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and hardware
  • Rear console cover
  • Rear deck cover

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 Technical Specifications

  • 500 RMS watts (continuous power handling).
  • 10mm excursion
  • 86.5db sensitivity
  • 208.6cm^2 Surface area (per sub)
  • 2 ohm load
  • Gold plated speaker terminals
  • 10 gauge pure copper speaker wire

Please see the comparative sound chart below. Note that the phrasing is very generalized and the performance and sound quality are excellent for all options. There are however slight differences between the final sound of each system as a result of the different technologies that each subwoofer manufacture uses such as their cones, venting, magnets, etc.