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Are you looking for a custom bass upgrade for your super car, but don’t want to pay the “super car tax“? No problem, our subwoofer enclosures are meticulously designed and constructed using each particular vehicle as a guide to design our enclosure templates. From there, we are able to create a process where we can replicate high quality enclosures at a fraction of the price as compared to a “one-of” custom enclosure designed and built from an audio shop.

Our enclosures are all built using high quality materials to enhance the overall audio quality in a vehicle. Our subwoofer enclosures are built on a jig, in small batches by hand, featuring internal rounded corners to ensure precision, sound quality, and consistency.  We currently have subwoofer enclosures for the following vehicles:

Our enclosures are built specifically to the subwoofers they will house ensuring maximum sound quality, performance, and longevity of the woofer.

Do you have a supercar or high performance sports car that is not listed above? Let us know if you are interested in our Pilot Program. Our pilot program is where we use your vehicle to build a template for future enclosures. Individuals that participate in our pilot program receive a substantial discount on their enclosure.