Lamborghini Gallardo

The Lamborghini Gallardo is an iconic supercar hand crafted in Italy. However, like most vehicles, we have found that the sound system in the Gallards could use some help. At Xtreme Audio we set out to create a budget friendly bass upgrade that is very easy to install.  When looking to upgrade the bass in the Gallardo, especially the Spyder; there are very limited enclosure location options. After creating several different concept enclosures, we finally landed on a design that sounded the best, is easy to install, and also integrates well in the interior of the Gallardo. The Solution is a kick panel enclosure fitted with a JL Audio 10 TW3-D4. 

About the Enclosure: 

The enclosure is custom designed using a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The interior of the Gallardo remained largely the same for many years and this enclosure will fit most model years. The enclosure is made from 5/8″ MDF and features a recessed baffle for a clean look. The enclosure is stuffed with Blackhole material and a high quality gold plated sprung terminal cup with 14 gauge oxygen free copper subwoofer wire is included. The enclosure fits snugly in the passenger side foot well. This bass upgrade includes the enclosure and JL Audio subwoofer. This bass upgrade is 400 RMS watts and is wired to 2 ohms. 





CaptureNote: Alpine R Series subwoofer pictured above


Price and Ordering:

Lamborghini Gallardo Enclosure & JL Audio 10TW3 $850 USD shipped within the continental United States or Canada. 

Note: This is not a stocked item and is not available through our store. Lead time for this enclosure is typically two weeks prior to shipping. If you are an individual or shop and would like to order this enclosure with or without the subwoofer, please contact us.