Laser Defence

Radar and Laser

Installation of Laser Defence Systems (LDS), commonly known as laser jammers is the primary service offered at Xtreme Audio & Electronics. We offer our laser jammer install services for the greater Edmonton area. With speed tolerances becoming tighter around Edmonton, there is a growing need for our products and services. Laser tickets are now frequently issues at a mere 6 Km/h over the speed limit. The tighter limits in conjunction with the heavily used DragonEye laser gun can dramatically increase your frustration during leisurely commutes as the DragonEye is undetectable and unparalleled in its targeting accuracy.Our laser jammers are capable of providing protection for cars, trucks, and street bikes. Our laser jammer system is designed for our customers to experience enhanced situational awareness and to also have a reliable parking sensor. Here are some of the unique features of our system:

  • The LDS offered by Xtreme Audio is the only known system to offer reliable and consistent detection and protection against the DragonEye laser gun
  • The sensors used in our LDS are the smallest and most discrete in the industry
  • Our LDS is actually a parking sensor making it 100% legal
  • Our system is the only LDS that can successfully capture unknown laser frequencies
  • The brain unit for the sensors is extremely fast as it is powered by a  dual processor
  • The sensors in our LDS have been independently tested to be at minimum 40% more powerful than competitors
  • Our system is software upgradeable
  • The sensors are ISO9001 Certified

All installations of our Laser Defence System are tested with frequencies replicating the most popular speed detection equipment used in the Edmonton area. Real world testing of our LDS reveals that effective coverage is provided against:

  • Remote operated ‘power box’ cameras
  • Stationary photo vehicles in Spruce Grove
  • Photo bridge LIDAR in Edmonton
  • Manned laser traps


Speed Trap boxThis is an example of remotely operated laser speed traps used in the Edmonton area disguised as power boxes. They are very hard to spot as they differ from the classic truck or van with a LIDAR operator inside. These remotely operated “power box cameras” are located in St. Albert and Sherwood Park.








This is the cBridge LIDARurrent and well known type of speed enforcement used in the Edmonton area. These bridge LIDAR operators typically use the DragonEye laser gun which is undetectable to most detectors and laser defence systems. The DragonEye also utilized a dual pulse beam with a rotating frequency. The new features of the DragonEye render most laser defence systems ineffective including: Blinder HP-905, K-40 Electronics, and Escort Laser Shifter Pro.