Laser Defence

Radar and Laser

Installation services for Laser Defence Systems (LDS) are being sunset at Xtreme Audio & Electronics. Over our many years of working with these systems, we have developed extensive knowledge of work works and what does not work in the real world. Although we may not be able to directly assist with the sourcing of equipment and install, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for consultation. We have built many partnerships with local reputable shops that would be happy to offer install services to meet your needs. 

Below, you will find some examples of why laser defence systems may be needed. 

Speed Trap boxThis is an example of remotely operated laser speed traps used in the Edmonton area disguised as power boxes. They are very hard to spot as they differ from the classic truck or van with a LIDAR operator inside. These remotely operated “power box cameras” are located in St. Albert and Sherwood Park.



This is the cBridge LIDARurrent and well known type of speed enforcement used in the Edmonton area. These bridge LIDAR operators typically use the DragonEye laser gun which is undetectable to most detectors and laser defence systems. The DragonEye also utilized a dual pulse beam with a rotating frequency. The new features of the DragonEye render most laser defence systems ineffective including: Blinder HP-905, K-40 Electronics, and Escort Laser Shifter Pro.