Radar Detectors

Radar and laser detectors are a very powerful resource to have while driving. Radar detectors give their users improved situational awareness, thus improving safety and driving satisfaction. However there are so many options available that purchasing a radar detector can sometimes be overwhelming. Below are the detectors that we recommend in addition to their highlights. Xtreme Audio is not partial to any brand, nor are we sponsored by any other company. Our mission is to enhance the overall driving experience of our customers. To achieve our mission, we source the best available products in terms of effectiveness, reliability, and functionality. Please contact us if you have any additional questions about radar detectors.

Recommendation of specific applications will be made depending on individual customer preferences. Please note all radar detectors are special order items. 

Escort 9500ci International

The Escort 9500ci International edition is a highly advanced radar and laser detection system with its European inspired scanning spectrum. The 9500ci international is custom install system that provides the most features compared to any other detector. Here are the features of the Escort 9500ci International:

  • Multi-Radar CD (MRCD) detection
  • Defender database (red light and green light camera locations)
  • GPS intelligent lockout  
  • Remote mounted radar antenna providing accurate long distance detection


Escort Max360. 

PASSPORT-MAX360-2The Escort Max 360 is the worlds most sophisticated and advanced windshield mount radar detector. This detector offers a substantial leap forward in technology as it utilizes a dual antenna to pinpoint radar signals. Aside from the standard features of Escort products such as digital signal processing, DEFENDER database, and GPS intelligent lock out; Here are the unique and new features of the Escort Max 360:

  • Directional radar detection (arrows point to the radar source)
  • Digital signal processing dramatically increases range and sensitivity
  • Bluetooth integration for a seamless connection to EscortLive via your smart phone


Beltronics STiR Plus

STiR PlusThe STiR Plus is a very sensitive custom install radar detector. This detector requires a custom install on each vehicle, however it provides much greater performance and features than conventional window mounted detector. Here are some of the features of the STiR Plus:

  • Selective Ka Band programming which enables both super wide Ka band detection and superlative range
  • Total Shield making the STiR Plus invisible to radar detector detectors (RDDs)
  • Pre-loaded DEFENDER database which offers thousands of fixed position cameras in North America
  • Digital Signal Processing and Auto Scan.


Escort Redline International Spec

RedlineThe Redline is a sleek detector designed by Escort. This detector utilized a twin antenna design which amplifies performance for any given band. Escort Redline features include:

  • European specifications allowing detection of Multi-Radar CD. Multi-Radar CD frequently used in Edmonton and is undetectable to most radar detectors
  • Ka Band segmentation which allows users to select what types of Ka band they want to scan
  • Dual antenna design which dramatically increases scanning range
  • Total Shield technology making the Redline invisible to RDD