Welcome to the Xtreme Audio Store! Please note that due to the global microchip and transistor shortage, we are experiencing significant supply chain disruptions and price increases from the manufactures. The prices and items you see below may not be an accurate representation of products that we are able to provide. We are doing our best to bring you the brands you love and we ask for patience and kindness as we all navigate these unique supply chain woes. We currently have orders placed with the manufactures for all equipment listed below, however estimated arrival times are not confirmed. For items that are in stock, there is a lead time of 5 business days for final assembly, testing, and packaging prior to shipment. 

Did you know that all Xtreme Audio products are hand-made and everything from design, to construction, to finishing, and packaging is done in one shop? There is no outsourcing of activities to ensure top quality standards. Every system is tested on a specifically designed simulator to test the subwoofers and tune each system. This means that every system will sound excellent right out of the box with no guesswork on your end. 

Please note that we do ship globally, however; shipping is optimized to ship to Canada and the United States. If you are outside these locations, please contact us and we would be happy to quote shipping to your location. We are still shipping systems during COVID-19, but please keep in mind there may be shipping delays that are outside of our control. We value service excellence and maintain open two-way contact with all existing and new customers. 

Options are available for all GTR years and trim levels. Enclosure variations and subwoofer options are available for all GTR model years. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. All pricing is in USD.