Stealth 10

*This product is currently in the final stages of development. Prototypes are currently available.*

The Stealth 10 is the latest option designed to meet the needs of those who want great sound on a budget or would like to maintain the factory interior appearance. The goal of this system is to provide the most bass output for the lowest price possible. Additional features of the Stealth 10 systems are:

  • Most cost effective option
  • 100% factory appearance
  • No lost trunk space
  • Plug and play compatible, some tools required
  • Most lightweight system
  • 300 RMS watts

These enclosures are handmade by an audio expert and GTR owner/enthusiast for other GTR owners. Are you already familiar with this system and looking to purchase a system for your own GTR? All options are available in our store with transactions being secure through PayPal. Please do contact us with any questions you have. There is a significant amount of information covered in detail on this page and we encourage all clients to reach out to us with questions.

The Stealth 10 comes equipped with a JL Audio 10 TW1 subwoofer and JL Audio MX 300/1 (for plug and play systems). This sub and amp combo is designed to deliver as much bass as possible per dollar of investment. With price as the key driver for this system, the Stealth 10 feature a minimalist design. Since the box will be covered by the factory Bose plastic, we believed that investing in a complex visual design, upholstery and stitching, or accent details is contrary to what you as the customer is looking for. The Stealth 10 is designed to be functional, reliable, easy to install, and sound great. Being the lowest cost solution is not to be confused with being a cheap or poorly made item. The Stealth 10 leverages complex box building techniques, 3D printing, and CNC made parts to achieve an impressive internal volume and refined appearance.

Stealth 10 enclosures are compatible with their own plug and play style power supply. For 2009-2014 GTRs, all connections are made through a single plug and power does not need to be run from the battery. Plug and play style systems are sent pre-tuned to sound great out of the box. Wiring harnesses are also available for 2015+ GTRs. The Stealth 10 system does not come with an amp rack. You will be responsible for mounting the amplifier and line converter in a suitable location in the trunk. The Stealth 10 is not compatible with the Twin 8 power supply.