Twin 10

The Twin 10 is the highest performing in-cabin option offered for the GTR. It is a low production, custom ordered item designed to meet the needs of those looking for the most bass output without sacrificing trunk space. The hallmark of the Twin 10 systems are:

  • Highest output (approximately 4x the factory output)
  • Factory plus style appearance
  • No lost trunk space
  • 800 RMS watts

These enclosures are handmade by an audio expert and GTR owner/enthusiast for other GTR owners. Are you already familiar with this system and looking to purchase a system for your own GTR? All options are available in our store with transactions being secure through PayPal. Please do contact us with any questions you have. There is a significant amount of information covered in detail on this page and we encourage all clients to reach out to us with questions. This bass upgrade is a modular design allowing you to custom build your own system. The two pieces that you will need to pick from include:

  1. Enclosure Appearance: Stitching colour (red, blue, yellow) and upholstery (vinyl or Alcantara)
  2. Subwoofers Options: JL Audio TW3 or Focal Utopia 10WM

Currently a low production, custom order item, the Twin 10 enclosure uses complex box building techniques that results in the most bass hat is deep and hard hitting. The Twin 10 enclosure leverages a hybrid stacked fabrication design on the front and side profile where all internal stacks are routered to 45 degrees to improve airflow and increase the internal volume. This unique design moves the subwoofers in front of the seats; however the rear of the enclosure is mounted between the seats which enables larger 10” drivers to be mounted in the factory location. The design of the enclosure results in significantly more internal volume when compared to the Curved or Sloped enclosure. The front baffle is 1.25” thick to ensure no enclosure flex and the raised lips are CNC made for a perfect recessed fitment of the JL TW3-10 subwoofers. Twin 10 enclosures are not available in plug and play designs. With these bass upgrades, you will need to provide your own amplifier, processor/line converter, and power wiring.