Speaker Systems

The Xtreme Audio speaker systems are designed to meet the needs of those looking to improve the sound quality and output of their speakers without adding an amplifier, or to replace damaged factory speakers that are prone to moisture damage. The highlights of Xtreme Audio speaker systems are:

  • Hertz Mille Pro speakers – custom sourced
  • 100% factory appearance
  • Comprehensive GTR specific design
  • Excellent sound with factory amplification
  • In house custom made 3D printed brackets

Significant research, testing and development has been invested into this speaker system to strike a balance between install ease, real sound improvement, and price. The result is essentially a 3-way bi-amplified component speaker system. This may sound fancy, but it is simply a different way of wiring the crossover and 6.5” bass driver to maximize the factory power output. This wiring configuration significantly outperforms any other 3-way component system that is using factory power.  

Speaker systems are assembled on GTR specific in-house made 6.5” and 3” brackets for the woofer and mid driver. Hardware is included to mount the new tweeter in the factory tweeter sail. The wiring harness is fully assembled and wired to the crossover. All connections are color coded and uni-directional to ensure that speaker polarity can’t be reversed by accident. Attention to detail has been invested in the speaker brackets to ensure the speaker logos are horizontal when mounted and fit snugly in the door to prevent vibrations and rattles. Speaker systems come with a comprehensive color printed install manual all necessary hardware. The two types of speaker upgrades you will need to pick from include:

  1. 3-way kit: comprehensive 3-way component kit
  2. Woofer replacement: 6.5” woofer replacement kit only