At Xtreme Audio & Electronics, we are a Canadian car audio business that values customer service excellence and industry leading products above all else. We specialize in custom high-quality subwoofer boxes, custom car audio fabrication, and radar/laser equipment installation. Over 15 years of experience provides the knowledge, skills, and tools to create almost any custom solution. 

Our vision is to transform your driving experience. We  enhance your experience by providing high fidelity sound systems and increased situational awareness via the use of radar detectors. The services we provide include:

  • Subwoofer enclosure engineering, construction, and online sales
  • Custom audio system design and installation (local customers)
  • Installation of radar and laser detection and defense systems (local customers)
  • Performance upgrade consulting services (local customers)

With so many products and services being outsourced to production facilities or call centers, we still believe in the importance of small business quality and customer relationships. All of our custom products are designed, built, and tested in one shop and supplies are sourced from other local businesses where possible. All products are built with passion by hand by highly skilled craftsmen and not by machines on assembly lines. 

Xtreme Audio & Electronics has a long standing experience in the aftermarket and modified car scene. In that time, we have developed an extensive network with custom performance shops and other individuals with specialized abilities. Our collaborative knowledge base allows us to connect those seeking specialized services to those who offer them. We believe that no idea is too bold and we do our best to convert ideas into reality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services!

Xtreme Audio & Electronics is a continuous improvement business. Product changes, updates, and improvements may take place without notice.

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