R35 GTR Audio

R35 Nissan GTR Xtreme Audio Subwoofer Upgrade 


Looking for the best R35 GTR subwoofer upgrade? This system is it. This GTR subwoofer upgrade is the second generation of our ported 8″ GTR subwoofer upgrade. It is the highest performance and best looking custom GTR audio solution available. Looking to purchase a system? All options are available in our store with transactions being safe and secure through PayPal. 

The R35 GTR is an iconic Japanese supercar with a long-standing history of being an incredibly fast production vehicle. One shortcoming however, is that the factory stereo system does not measure up to the GTR standard of high performance. In fact, in many cases the bass provided by the factory GTR audio system is difficult to hear over any aftermarket exhaust. To maintain an extraordinary soundstage and a no compromise bass upgrade solution, we have completely reimagined the design to a dual subwoofer configuration. You may ask why is this subwoofer upgrade is the best available option, well here is why:

The new R35 Twin 8 subwoofer enclosure is acoustically engineered. Every curve, angle, and measurement is designed to enhance the acoustic experience. EQ parametric micing has been taken into consideration to overcome the unique interior pressure and shape of the GTR. The testing phase included a six-month trial period in controlled and real-world driving conditions. The R35 Twin 8 bass upgrade is a meticulously engineered, rigorously tested, custom designed high-performance upgrade for the GTR. Overall, this GTR audio upgrade has over one year invested in its production. There is no compromise anywhere in these subwoofer upgrades. 


GTR Twin 8 Bass Upgrade Features

  • Direct replacement of factory BOSE subwoofer enclosure. No space is lost in the trunk from a bulky enclosure.
  • Powerful enough to be heard over any after-market exhaust system.
  • Newly sourced upholstery material and stitching that perfect match with factory GTR interior.
  • Newly sourced high-density foam making the enclosures soft to the touch
  • Gold plated double sprung audiophile speaker terminals
  • Pure copper 10 gauge speaker wire
  • Tinned connections with silver solder
  • Multiple equipment options for listening preferences
  • Custom upholstery options for custom interiors
  • Custom enclosure faces shaped by hand for a special appearance

  Interested in purchasing this high fidelity subwoofer upgrade for your R35? Have a look through our store or contact us for additional details. 



The standard enclosure offered is padded and upholstered with the same material as the GTR factory interior, and stitched with a double grey line of stitching. The enclosure is soft and luxurious to the touch, but is very durable because it is constructed from 5/8 MDF for structural rigidity and sound quality. Threaded inserts are built into each enclosure so the enclosure can be mounted in the vehicle with nickel or brass plated furniture bolts. Each enclosure has additional mounting bolts on the rear to mount the quick connect amplification package. Gold plated speaker terminals are used to direct amplified power to the subwoofers. There are also custom appearance options available as special orders. Are you looking for a unique one-of enclosure? You can choose between stitching colour and patterns. Colors include red, blue, green, orange, gold, and white stitching. If you would like to have a custom shaped enclosure, please contact us.



Alpine and JL Audio products have been chosen as the best subwoofers for the R35 Twin 8 Bass Upgrade. The primary equipment sourced for this GTR audio upgrade is the Alpine Type-R and Type-S subwoofers. However, upon special request, a JL Audio twin 8W3-V3 or single 8W7 version can be made available. No other subwoofers are recommended for this upgrade. 




Countless hours have been invested in research and development to create a customer-centric experience and have two ways to go about installing this system. Please note that these systems require a power source. You may choose to supply your own amp and processor, or the purchase the plug and play power supply. The subwoofer enclosure is a direct replacement for the factory BOSE subwoofers. The subwoofer enclosure fits snugly between the rear seats and is secured using heavy duty metal brackets using existing bolt holes. The enclosure is secured to the brackets with Allen key bolts for a professional finish. No drilling or screws are required to install the Twin 8 Bass upgrade.

The Xtreme Audio Plug and Play power supply bolts directly onto the back of the enclosure. Power cables are run through an existing hole and a specially manufactured plug allows direct plug and play compatibility with the factory GTR wiring. To summarize, there are no holes drilled, no screws, no cutting wires anywhere in the installation of this bass upgrade. The amp is accessible through the trunk with a gain control to adjust the bass to your preferences. Each system comes pre-tuned to maximize performance. Total install time is approximately 30-60 minutes. All installation hardware is provided. To install this system you will need a 4mm Allen key, 14mm socket, 10mm socket, and a flat screwdriver. 

Where Have We Sold Our System?

We sell our GTR subwoofer systems globally. Xtreme Audio is based in Canada, so the bulk of sales are located within North America. However, systems have been shipped globally as far as Laos! To date, there are over 20 full plug and play GTR stereo systems creating high-quality and crisp sounding bass for customers at home, and internationally. The location of our systems can be seen in the map below:

Customer Reviews:

2009 Alpha 9 GTR owner: “Unbelievable sound…I can’t believe the difference between this system and my previous Audison system from  R35 Audio.”

2010 Alpha 7 GTR owner: “Very impressive bass without being just bass and nothing else.”

2012 GTR Black Edition owner: “Super clean install for the price. This system is very affordable.”

Yota_Co Instagram Social Media Expert: “This system is ridiculous and the sound balance is insane. This needs to be in every GTR.”

Why Choose Our System?

The difference in quality is clear between our system and others commercially available. The Xtreme Audio enclosure utilizes a rhombus style construction with compounding angles allowing our enclosure to have substantially more volume. In addition to amazing sound, this bass upgrade is designed to be a high-quality interior accessory in the GTR. The Xtreme Audio enclosure is created with the utmost care and that is reflected in gold plated speaker terminals, internal rounded corners, high flow copper subwoofer wire, silver tinned speaker leads, and quality audio components to create an amazing appearance and listening experience. This is a premium interior audio upgrade for the GTR that has been designed and hand made in Canada. Each enclosure made at Xtreme Audio is a combination of art and science, and that is why we sign each and every enclosure.