R35 GTR Audio

R35 Nissan GTR Xtreme Audio Subwoofer Upgrade 

Looking for the best performing plug and play subwoofer upgrade for your R35 GTR in the 500 watt class? This system is it. The Xtreme-Audio Twin 8 series systems are the best sounding, most comprehensive, easiest to install, and best looking custom GTR audio solution available. These systems are handmade by an audio expert and GTR owner/enthusiast for other GTR owners. There are no compromises in this system and it is the quality that you would expect to come from the factory in a vehicle of this caliber. The Twin 8 system has continued to be refined and updated over the past 7 years and the current systems are at the pinnacle of design and performance. Newly introduced for 2023 is the Twin 10 high-output solution. 

Are you already familiar with this system and looking to purchase a system for your own GTR? All options are available in our store with transactions being secure through PayPal. Please do contact us with any questions you have. There is a significant amount of information covered in detail on this page and we encourage all clients to reach out to us with questions. This system is a modular design allowing you to custom build your own system. The three pieces of this system that you will need to pick from include:

  1. Enclosure type: Curved box (Gen5), Slope box (Gen6), Twin 10 (Gen7)
  2. Subwoofers Options: Morel, Alpine, Diamond Audio, JL Audio, or Focal
  3. System Type: Empty box, box with subwoofers, or plug and play systems

Why the Factory Bass is Underwhelming

The R35 GTR is an iconic supercar with a long-standing history of being an incredibly fast production vehicle. One shortcoming however, is that the factory stereo system does not measure up to the GTR standard of high performance. In fact, in many cases the bass provided by the factory GTR audio system is difficult to hear over any aftermarket exhaust. You may wonder why the bass is underwhelming because the factory subwoofer box looks like a large and somewhat impressive housing with Bose subwoofers. In reality, the factory subwoofers are free-air bass drivers that are 2″ in depth that vent into the trunk. The small size, poor factory enclosure specification, and minimal excursion of the factory subwoofers prevent them from being able to produce the volume or quality of bass that you would typically hope for. To leverage the existing actively processed three-way front component speakers and enhance the overall sound without significant modifications, we chose to focus on a drastically improved bass solution. We do not currently offer front speaker upgrades.


Why the Twin 8 System Sounds and Performs so well

Put simply, the Twin 8 system performs so well is because of the subwoofer enclosure. A strong focus on the design, mounting solution, and overall quality results in a solution that sounds and looks excellent.

Enclosure Design: Every curve, angle, and measurement are by design with the goal to sound as good as possible in the GTR cabin while also providing the best possible conditions for the subwoofers to perform at their peek. EQ parametric micing has been taken into consideration to overcome the unique interior pressure and shape of the GTR. The mounting angles of the subwoofers are also designed to produce optimal wave propagation and have the sound stage converge exactly at the driver and passenger seating positions. The enclosure is within spec volume for the subwoofers and there are no sharp angles inside the box to reduce airflow turbulence.

Rigid Mounting & Connections: Enclosures are very firmly mounted to the vehicle via four 1/8” steel brackets to prevent any movement or vibration created by the subwoofers. Threaded T-nuts are built into box to secure the enclosure to the brackets using furniture bolts as opposed to wood screws. Very high-quality terminal cups are used to ensure there are no cracks or air leaks and that the amplified power reaches the subwoofers with minimal resistance. Enclosures are wired up with 14 gauge oxygen free pure copper wiring with all connections being soldered. BlackHole stuff is also added to improve the sound dynamics of the enclosures

Construction Quality: The level of quality of these enclosures is only possible through the use of the best possible equipment such as SawStop, Bosche, CNC machines, and custom made shop air filtration. This may seem insignificant, however quality tools and the best safety practices lead to a much higher quality end product. Making enclosures with a circular saw or introductory equipment is possible, however it will not be the same quality as being made on a professional cabinet table saw. The Twin 8 enclosures are currently in their 5th, 6th and 7th generation and there is no compromise anywhere in this subwoofer upgrade. All enclosures are made in small batches to ensure that equal time and care is invested in each box. Like a handmade car, these enclosures are built with the passion and care that you could expect from a premium product.

Enclosure Options and Appearance

All enclosures are padded and upholstered with the same material as the GTR factory interior while being stitched with a double grey line of stitching. The enclosure is soft and luxurious to the touch, but is very durable because it is constructed from 5/8 MDF for structural rigidity and sound quality. Threaded inserts are built into each enclosure so the enclosure can be mounted to the vehicle with nuts and bolts as opposed to screws. Each enclosure has additional mounting bolts on the rear to attach the custom designed amp rack. Gold plated double sprung speaker terminals are used to direct amplified power to the subwoofers. Please note that both enclosure options produce excellent results and are built to the same quality standards.

Curved Enclosures (Gen5): All enclosures have a curved shape, however the Curved Gen5 enclosures are curved only on one profile, being the side profile. The curvature is designed to match the curves of the rear seats. These enclosures feature an additional baffle layer where the subwoofers are recessed down into the enclosures for a flush top mount. The double walled baffle provides excellent rigidity and a refined appearance.


Sloped Enclosures (Gen6): Previously a limited production item, the Sloped Gen6 enclosures are a hybrid stacked fabrication design that is curved on two profiles being the side and front face. With the Sloped box, the subwoofers are mounted on the top side of the baffle and a trim ring is added and carefully sanded to shape. The inside “stacks” of the enclosure are routered to 45 degrees to improve airflow and reduce weight. Since the subwoofers are mounted on the top side of the box, it allows for more room behind the magnet and slightly more airspace. The Slope (Gen6) enclosures have slightly more airspace, additional mounting depth, are slightly lighter, and have a more rigid baffle compared to the Curved (Gen5) enclosures. These construction differences result in more time being spent building the box with contributes to this being a premium and higher priced item.


Twin 10 Enclosure (Gen7): Currently a low production, custom order item, the Gen7 enclosure is the latest design that uses complex box building techniques that results in the most sound with deep and hard hitting bass. The Twin 10 enclosure leverages a hybrid stacked fabrication design on the front and side profile where all internal stacks are routered to 45 degrees to improve airflow and increase the internal volume. This unique design moves the subwoofers in front of the seats; however the rear of the enclosure is mounted between the seats which enables larger 10” drivers to be mounted in the factory location. The design of the enclosure results in significantly more internal volume when compared to the Curved or Sloped enclosure. The front baffle is 1.25” thick to ensure no enclosure flex and the raised lips are CNC made for a perfect recessed fitment of the JL TW3-10 subwoofers.


Equipment and Subwoofer Options

All available packages are equipped with 8″ high-performance quality oriented subwoofers. 10″ configurations can be custom ordered. Morel, Alpine, Focal, JL Audio, and Diamond Audio are the subwoofers available with an optional plug and play power supply featuring JL Audio amplification and AudioControl active processing (for 2015+). All products offered have been selected to produce the best possible sound in the GTR cabin. The availability of each subwoofer is dependent on the supply. The power supply is compatible with all subwoofer combinations. Technical specifications can be seen below:



Countless hours have been invested in research and development to create a customer-centric experience where you as the end user are able to install this system yourself. Installing custom parts yourself brings about a sense of pride while also saving you installation costs. The install is designed to be simple and intuitive by using the same bolt holes and openings that the factory subwoofer system uses. A comprehensive colour printed installation manual comes with the package, but you are always welcome to reach out if you have questions. Have a look at this YouTube walkthrough of a fellow GTR owner installing the system in his 2017 GTR. Please note the install process is different from year to year. There are four different install processes being 2009-2014, 2015-16, 2017-2020, and 2020+. All processes are well documented and specific manuals are included with each system. Everything you need for the install (excluding tools) is included with your order. All full systems include the following:

  • Enclosure with wired and mounted subwoofers.
  • Amplifier with all processing and audio signal connections completed and assembled on a 3M carbon wrapped amp rack.
  • CNC manufactured amplifier to enclosure mounting plate.
  • Trunk trim coverings (to conceal all wiring).
  • Upholstered rear console cover.
  • Upholstered rear deck cover.
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and bolts.
  • Bass control knob for all 2015+ GTRs.

It is important to note that enclosures can be purchased with or with subwoofers or the plug and play power supply. The Xtreme Audio Plug and Play amplifier rack bolts directly to the back of the enclosure. Power cables are run through an existing hole and a specially manufactured plug allows direct plug and play compatibility with the factory GTR wiring. The amp is accessible through the trunk with a gain control to adjust the bass to your preferences. Each system comes pre-tuned to maximize performance. Total install time is approximately 1-2 hours depending on your comfort level. All installation hardware is provided. To install this system you will need a 4mm Allen key, 14mm socket, 10mm socket, and a flat screwdriver

GTR Twin 8 Bass Upgrade Summary

  • GTR specific and proven design that eliminates the guess work from the install.
  • No space is lost in the trunk from a bulky enclosure, direct Bose subwoofer replacement.
  • 500 watts delivered by the plug and play option provides the power needed for the perfect sound.
  • Interior upgrade by eliminating large amounts of plastic while also dramatically improving the factory sound.
  • Designed to be installed by the end user resulting in cost savings.
  • Newly sourced upholstery and stitching that almost perfectly matches the factory GTR interior.
  • Bass that compliments the factory speakers without overpowering or distorting the factory speakers.
  • Gold plated accessories (mounting bolts and speaker terminals).
  • Quality wiring and connections
  • Tuned and tested prior to shipment so it is ready to rock right out of the box.
  • Custom made connections for true factory like plug and play functionality with the full system (plug and play).
  • Multiple equipment options for listening preferences.
  • Ability to further customize your setup if you would like a “one-of” (custom shape, slopes, stitching colour).

Interested in purchasing this high fidelity subwoofer upgrade for your R35? Have a look through our store or contact us for additional details. 

Packing and Shipping

We sell our GTR subwoofer systems globally. Xtreme Audio is based in Canada, so the bulk of sales are located within North America. Systems have been shipped to clients located in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Sweeden, and Thailand. Since we ship these systems globally, we take packaging very seriously. Shipping boxes are double walled cardboard boxes rated for a drop weight of more than triple the shipping weight of the system. Additionally, a generous amount of packing materials such as packing peanuts and in-house made air pillows can be found in the box. Here is the packing process for all enclosures or systems leaving our shop:

  • Clean all system parts and wrap in plastic bags.
  • Line enclosure edges with 1/8” foam.
  • Encase the enclosure and power supply (for plug and play system) in 1/2×12” bubble pack.
  • Cover the subwoofers and rear of the enclosure in 1/8” cardboard to protect the drivers and rear of the box.
  • Pack items in the larger double walled shipping box using the air pillows for large voids and packing peanuts for smaller voids.
  • Seal the box with industrial grade tape and apply the appropriate “Fragile” and “This Side Up” universal packing labeling.
  • Ship via Canada Post Xpress air for speed, safety and cost savings compared to private carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)

Packing to this level is an expensive, time consuming, and tedious process, however it is necessary to ensure that the system arrives to you in the same condition it leaves the shop. To date, many full plug and play GTR stereo systems are creating high-quality and crisp sounding bass for customers at home, and internationally. The location of some of our systems sold in North America can be seen in the map below



Customer Reviews

2009 Alpha 9 GTR owner: “Unbelievable sound…I can’t believe the difference between this system and my previous Audison system from  R35 Audio.”

2010 Alpha 7 GTR owner: “Very impressive bass without being just bass and nothing else.”

2012 GTR Black Edition owner: “Super clean install for the price. This system is very affordable.”

Yota_Co Instagram Social Media Expert: “This system is ridiculous and the sound balance is insane. This needs to be in every GTR.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much bass does this system really add?
  • A: The Twin 8 adds is approximately double the bass output of the factory depending on your settings. This system also reaches far more of the bass spectrum when compared to the factory subwoofers. The Twin 10 adds approximately four times as much bass as the factory subwoofers.
  • Q: Does the added bass overpower the factory speakers and will I need to upgrade my speakers?
  • A: No, the new subwoofers actually compliment the factory speakers very well and there is no need to upgrade your speakers.
  • Q: How much does the system weigh?
  • A: The total system weight depends on the subwoofers you go with. The twin Alpine R curve plug and play is the heaviest system and comes in at 32lb (14.5kg). 
  • Q: I have no experience working on cars, is this something I can really take on myself and how long will the install take? 
  • A: The install is very simple for 2009-2014 cars. Even if you have no experience, you will finish the install in under two hours. If you have a 2017+ GTR, there are a few more steps and it is common for the install to take 3.5 hours if you have no experience. 
  • Q: How is your customer service? If I have problems or questions can I reach out to you?
  • A: Customer service is taken very seriously. Our response time during the day via email is typically under one hour. We respond to emails 7 days a week.
  • Q: How fast is your shipping and why is it a fixed rate?
  • A: Shipping within North America is typically 6 business days. Please note that shipping times during COVID-19 are somewhat variable and are outside of our control. Shipping times for locations outside of North America are also typically longer.  
  • Q: Is there a way for me to get my subwoofer upgrade faster?
  • A: Absolutely, if we have the system you would like in stock we can arrange different shipping methods to get the system to you in 2-5 business days using priority air shipping. 
  • Q: Is there a return or refund policy?
  • A: There is no specific policy and requests are treated on a case by case basis. Generally, refunds are not provided for used equipment, however, if there is an electrical failure in your system, please do reach out and we will do our best to remedy the situation. Please note that each component of the system is tested during assembly, and as a whole once complete prior to shipment. From 2017 to present, there have been no system issues resulting in replacements or refunds. 
  • Q: I have decided that I would like to purchase a system, how do I go about doing this?
  • A: The best way is to simply contact us. We will ensure that the proper equipment is sent out to you at the best price. All payments will be arranged using PayPal and the invoicing will be managed on our end. After the purchase we followup with the tracking information, when the system has been delivered, and after you have installed the system. 


Why Choose Our System?

The difference in quality is clear between our system and others commercially available. The Xtreme Audio enclosure utilizes a rhombus style construction with compounding angles allowing our enclosure to have substantially more volume. In addition to amazing sound, this bass upgrade is designed to be a high-quality interior accessory in the GTR. The Xtreme Audio enclosure is created with the utmost care and passion. This is a premium interior audio upgrade for the GTR that has been designed and hand-made in Canada by a GTR owner and enthusiasts for other passionate GTR owners. Each enclosure made at Xtreme Audio is a combination of art and science, and that is why we sign each and every enclosure.