R35 GTR Twin 8W3 Box


This item is for the Gen5 Twin 8 subwoofer enclosure equipped with JL Audio 8W3-v3-4 subwoofers that produce a high fidelity, warm sound with very precise note transitioning. The JL 8w3 subwoofers are more a sound quality subwoofer as opposed to a high output subwoofer. Note: You will need a power supply such as the Xtreme Audio Plug and Play, or an amplifier and processor that you supply on your own. This enclosure will fit in all GTR model years.

Housing the subwoofers is the highly regarded Gen5 twin 8 curved subwoofer enclosure. The enclosure is built from 5/8″ MDF material for structural rigidity and sound quality. Enclosures are designed with a thicker face to recess the subwoofers and prevent baffle flex while incorporating internal corner bracing to reduce air turbulence. Internal airspace is further expanded using a calculated area of BlackHole stuffing. Threaded inserts are built into each enclosure on the sides and rear for using bolts for mounting and attaching accessories as opposed to screws. Enclosures are finished with gold hardware, gold terminals, and a 1/4″ layer of high density foam with upholstery that is nearly identical to the factory GTR interior. A rear centre console cover and rear deck cover is included to carry the OEM stitching from the front arm rest, through the rear console, and onto the subwoofer enclosure.

This kit includes:

  • Xtreme Audio twin 8″ sealed curved subwoofer enclosure
  • 2 JL Audio 8w3 V3-4 subwoofer
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and hardware
  • Rear console cover
  • Rear deck cover



Technical Specifications

  • 500 RMS watts (continuous power handling)
  • 10mm excursion
  • 83.2db sensitivity
  • 206.5cm^2 Surface area (per sub)
  • 2 ohm load
  • Gold plated speaker terminals
  • 10 gauge pure copper speaker wire


Please see the comparative sound chart below. Note that the phrasing is very generalized and the performance and sound quality are excellent for all options. There are however slight differences between the final sound of each system as a result of the different technologies that each subwoofer manufacture uses such as their cones, venting, magnets, etc