Twin 8 – Morel Primo System (2009-14)



  • Morel Primo 804 subwoofers + sloped enclosure
  • 500 RMS continuous power handling
  • Complete subwoofer upgrade, no amplifier required 

This item is for a turn-key system designed for 2009-2014 R35 GT-Rs to upgrade from the factory Bose subwoofers. This is a direct plug and play replacement with no wires needing to be cut or holes drilled. This particular system is equipped with Morel Primo 804 subwoofers that produces an ultra accurate, deep, and very punchy sound. The Morel Primo is an excellent high-quality subwoofer that incorporates design features and technology used in Ultimo Titanium subwoofers. In addition to superb sound quality, the large surface area of this subwoofer enables it to be the best performing subwoofer twin 8″ upgrade currently offered by Xtreme Audio.

This kit includes: 

  • Xtreme Audio twin 8″ sealed curved subwoofer enclosure
  • 2 Morel Primo 804 subwoofers
  • JL Audio MX500 amplifier
  • LOC90 line converter with gain control
  • Amplifier rack
  • Pre-built plug and play wiring harness
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and hardware
  • Rear console cover
  • Rear deck cover

Technical specifications

  • 500 RMS watts (continuous power handling).
  • 8mm excursion
  • 89db sensitivity
  • 219cm^2 Surface area (per sub)
  • 2 ohm load
  • Gold plated speaker terminals
  • 10 gauge pure copper speaker wire




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Housing the Morel Primo subwoofers is the specially produced, Gen 5 slope box. Although the slope box is similar looking to the Gen5 curved enclosures, it is in fact very different and takes significantly more time to produce. The Slope enclosure is a hybrid stacked fabrication design with raised mounting rings. The stacked fabrication design enables greater internal volume, a stiffer front baffle, and reduces weight. In this design, the subwoofers are not recessed into the box, but instead raised rings are added to build and contour the enclosure around the subwoofers. Each internal stack is routered at 45 degrees to improve airflow and reduce sharp corners. The outside of the box is meticulously hand-sanded to result in a beautiful shape. Upholstered and press-fit surround rings are added to conceal the subwoofer mounting screws while also providing a refined appearance. Overall, the slope box is 5lb lighter than the regular curved twin box, is stronger, and has more internal volume with less air turbulence. The enclosure is finished with gold hardware, gold terminals, and a 1/4″ layer of high-density foam with upholstery that is nearly identical to the factory GTR interior. A rear centre console cover and rear deck cover is included to carry the OEM stitching from the front arm rest, through the rear console, and onto the subwoofer enclosure.

Everything you need for the install is included, with the exception of tools. The install time takes approximately two hours depending on your install ability. This is a plug and play style install. All bolts match up to factory bolt locations, no wire cutting is required, no holes need to be drilled, and the front seats do not need to be removed. The amplifier will be sent pre-tuned to sound great as soon as it is installed. Tools required for the install are a flat screwdriver, 10mm socket driver, 14mm socket driver, 4mm Allen key.

Please see the comparative sound chart below. Note that the phrasing is very generalized and the performance and sound quality are excellent for all options. There are however slight differences between the final sound of each system as a result of the different technologies that each subwoofer manufacture uses such as their cones, venting, magnets, etc.